About Us

Welcome to Dodigital.in. We are proud to introduce Dodigital.in, which is an exclusive digital marketing training center and full service oriented digital marketing company undertaking projects under Neni Services pvt ltd, with offices in UK and India.


Training – Our Institute provides how to perform a keyword search, on-site optimization, link-building necessary to analyze websites.

Services – We are specialized in achieving sustainable and high rankings for your websites. We take a customized approach for each business as it is unique and determine the strategies that lead to online success.


Adwords Training – Learn best practices and strategies to improve performance in search engine result pages (SERPs) and pay-per-click advertising. Learn how to drive traffic to your site by learning and practicing keyword research and implementation strategies, social media leveraging tactics, and video, image and landing page optimization.

Services – Our customized and fully integrated approach towards search engine marketing, encompasses activities that make your website more visible and appear prominently in the search results.


Training – We provide the highlights and structure of SMO, network optimization, twitter, facebook optimization etc.

Services –  At Dodigital.net, we help our clients create and manage top-performing social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus. Our team uses relevant SMO services to assist businesses, create better visibility on social platforms.


Training – Set up targeted advertising campaigns with social media marketing.

Services –  Our Social Media Marketing Services help in grasping attention and active leads that can be easily converted into sales. We work with you to let your customers understand the dynamics of these platforms in creating an awareness regarding your products and services.

Email-Marketing Solutions

Training – At Dodigital, we train you on email marketing techniques to create and manage emails that can engage your customers and build relationships with them.

Services – Choosing the best email marketing service for your business, can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. We help you choose a cost-effective, easy to manage, highly engaging emails that allow you to establish direct contact with your customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Training – Receive hands on training on the affiliate marketing concepts and compensation models.

Services – Grow your business through affiliate marketing and branding efforts by branding and using a network of professional marketers to promote your products who get paid only when the products get sold.

Youtube SEO Marketing                   

Training – Learn how to use SEO strategies like transcripts and tags to help your videos appear higher in the search results.

Services – We fine tune the performance of your video content, create campaigns on a budget and set the standards to target the right audience.


Training – Find out how to create your own feature-rich website or a blog, schedule posts and customize themes with wordpress.

Services – We create stunning, responsive business website using WordPress.

If you need an updated website, or traffic that isn’t converting, or starting a new business, we are here to help.

Our training services cover everything you need to know from scratch. No previous experience is necessary, for you to take these courses, these tutorials will benefit you in your careers.

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